Letterpress Services


You can trust us to run your job. Because, well, we’re sort of particular. Some might say obsessed. We prefer meticulous. And with years of branding experience we can’t help but think of your project in terms of brand identity (graphic standards? what does the event look like?), strategy (what are you promising to be? overall feel of the event?), and project management (when do you need this by? how can we make it happen?). It’s just too deep rooted in the left brain. But it’s this experience that allows us to provide insights about your project you may not have thought of. And the worst time to think of it is when the project is already printed. So, call us crazy, we like to ask these things upfront.



Speaking of experience, we have countless years among our press operators…so we’re quite up to the challenge to print, die cut, score, perforate, hand line your envelopes, and round those corners. We match spot colors from the Pantone matching system and can letterpress print solid areas (yes solids, really. Call us for samples). Our fine, specialty print shop can run as few as 50 but can also handle large runs in the thousands.

A word or two (actually 25) about solids. While rare and hard to do, Yozo Studio does an excellent job. Ask us, we’ll be glad to show you just how good we are.

CONTACT us for a custom quote and letterpress design tips for optimal printing.