We admire handwritten notes and hand addressed envelopes on holiday cards and invitations. TO US IT FEELS LIKE YOU’RE ADDING A BIT OF YOURSELF INTO YOUR COMMUNICATION AND EVENTS. And in this digital age, we know your recipient appreciates it. There’s just nothing like that personal touch. Some may say it’s old fashioned. But we think those social graces never go out of style. A handwritten note on paper is here to stay.

Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady, 2010

Check out how witty manners expert, Derek Blasberg refers to personal notes in this excerpt from his book on modern etiquette… “a personalized note is still the classiest form of communication and the best way to show your gratitude.”

InCircle entrée, Rewards Issue 2008

Our friends at Neiman Marcus said it nicely in this entrée article… “The important things—family and friends, momentous events, and even the seemingly mundane details that make up our lives—deserve to be remembered on paper.”